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Kwas chlebowy plaza2-30p
We produce natural kvass
Rye sourdough
23/5000 With friends and alone
Time for kvass!
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Your health
Probiotics in our kvass
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Why choose kvass from our brewhouse?

On sourdough

We brew our kvass on rye sourdough. Thus, which bakes the healthiest bread in the world.

Polish product

Kvass Manufacture is a company with 100% Polish capital. Support your compatriots.

A natural probiotic

Bacteria contained in kvass from Manufacture are a natural probiotic.

Low energy

A 0.33l bottle of our kvass is just a little more calories than in half an apple.

A new generation of drinks

For years, we have been making natural kvass from passion. We decided to make our small production enjoyed mainly by friends and family available to a wider group of kvass. With full confidence that this is a drink deserving of tasting. Natural. Low energy. Unpasteurized. Containing lactic acid bacteria positively affecting our body. Made with heart …


I tried kvass from Manufacture for the first time. Finally, I know what kvass should taste like.


I tried to give my mother many different drinks. He has diabetes and it's hard to find something tasty to drink. After this kvass, sugar does not jump like crazy. Check it out for yourself. But it's best to consult a doctor.

Diabetes daughter
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