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Probiotics in our kvass

I am very pleased to inform you that J.S. Hamilton Poland, after testing our kvass samples, identified the presence of probiotic bacteria in it. Three strains of probiotic bacteria were found in the tested sample:

Lactobacillus pentosus/plantarum/ paraplantarum

These are live strains of bacteria whose presence is the result of the production of kvass using natural fermentation.

Probiotic bacteria identified in our acid belong to mesophilic lactic acid bacteria. So they are responsible for the production of lactic acid in our body. Their quantity in the tested sample 100 ml. it was 3.9×107 which means that on average there are over 12 billion in a 0.33 liter bottle.

You’ll find numerous articles on the health effects of lactic acid bacteria on the internet, as usual.

For me personally, this is a confirmation of the long-observed effect of the beneficial effect of naturally fermented kvass on my body.

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